You want to look back at yourself in a year from now and feel good about the health and lifestyle choices you have made. For the most part, you trained consistently, made healthy food choices, and definitely finished the year stronger than you started. I approach my training to set you up for success... gradually,  progressively, and definitely, with some ass kicking thrown in for good measure.

I begin with movement and nutritional assessments to establish a baseline and to gain a strong understanding of your unique history and current lifestyle. Based on my assessments, I build a customized training program, including nutritional consultation, to fit your specific goals. Whether you are trying to lose weight, getting married, planning for a baby, or just wanting to feel stronger, we will start with foundational work to promote balance, coordination, and a strong core. We will use a wide range of techniques including calisthenics, high intensity interval training, yoga and Pilates, and employ equipment such as resistance bands, TRX bands, dumbbells, and kettlebells. With our strongly built base, we will attack your goals and build inner and outer strength along the way.